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Dry Foods And Nuts

Agric Consult Ghana is one of the leading suppliers of Dry Fruit & Nuts in the world. We have been in this business for years, infused with our history and culture.

Agric Consult Ghana is a Dry Fruit & Nuts suppliers in Africa  . Agric Consult Ghana partners with Dry Fruit & Nuts producers that are among the more innovative, experienced and dependable producers in the world.

We are now in the process of fully re-integrating into the Africa Dry Fruit & Nuts market, after years of suppling to west African states and central Africa. Our main focus is to directly supply Dry Fruit & Nuts buyers from the Africa's major markets through B2B & B2C models.

Agric Consult Ghana offer's international buyers a wide selection of Dry Fruit & Nuts, and are able to effectively meet large quantity orders. We also pool our individual years of experience, to guarantee buyers of a reliable supply, of top quality Dry Fruit & Nuts.

We are collectively committed to supplying only the highest quality of Dry Fruit & Nuts. We look forward to working in partnership with you now and into the future.

Agric Consult Ghana is a Dry Fruit & Nuts supplier in Africa:
Whether you like your snacks salty or sweet, Agric Consult Ghana has something that is sure to please you. Try our delicious nuts and fruits in your own combinations, or try one of our tasty mixes. We also carry popcorn and corn nuts, perfect for evenings at home.